Italian Ruscus

While it might be a funny sounding word, ruscus is a gorgeous, traditional plant that can be used for a variety of floral arrangements. Native to southern and western Europe, ruscus grows in several varieties, even reaching the Middle East, North Africa, and southwest Asia. Referred to some as butcher's broom, both Italian and Israeli ruscus are commonly used in centerpieces and bouquets. 

Israeli ruscus is primarily used alongside flowers because its leaves are rounded, while Italian ruscus is typically more delicate and thin. In the United States, Italian ruscus is much more commonly used by florists to create timeless pieces. Known for its affordability, Italian ruscus can stretch a long way in different floral arrangements. 

Italian ruscus can easily be incorporated into garlands for church pews and wreaths for holiday celebrations. This form of ruscus is known by florists for its versatility and cost-effectiveness.