Battery Operated Taper White Candle, 0.75"x9", Set of 10. Rental Only.

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About The Product:
Burn Time: 300 Hours
Dimensions: 0.80" diameter x 9.00" height
Color: White
Light: Flickering
Styles: Battery Operated LED Taper Time Candle, Flicker, with On off Switch, Non-Rechargeable

Rental only. Batteries not included.

Battery Operated LED Taper Candle - White Flame Flicker with On/Off Switch

These White Flame Battery Operated LED Taper Timer Candles feature an On/Off Switch. They use 2x AA batteries which are not included, but sold separately. Have a bottom base that fits most standard taper holders.

  • Body color is Off White
  • Flame color is White
  • Features a Flicker flame
  • Switch: On (8 hour Timer) / Off
  • Timer: 8 hour on, 16 hour off (cycle repeats daily)
  • Powered by: 2x AA
  • Total illumination time: Up to 300 * on time, which is approximately 30 days of use in Timer Mode.
  • Approximate size: 7/8" diameter x 9" high

The Timer Taper Candle can be turned on or off by turning the base of the candle. You can leave the flameless taper candle inside the holder and twist the body clockwise to turn on and counter-clockwise to turn off. Illumination time we state is approximate using high end batteries. 

Please note: The body is made of off-white plastic and the light that is emitted by the LED is White in color. The body absorbs the color given off from the LED flame only when the Taper battery candle is illuminated in the dark! The intensity of the color absorbed is determined by how dark the room is. Our item images show what the candle looks like illuminated in the dark and in the light. If you have any questions, please contact us.

These LED lights deliver the same ambiance as a real candle without the danger of a flame. Will be sure to last through your entire event and after! Don't be fooled by cheap imitations that fall apart or stop working! These battery operated flameless LED Taper Timer candles are professional grade that are trusted by event professionals from around the world and approved by fire marshals. They give off a bright light that is unlike any other LED Taper candle.

IntelliFLAME Battery-Operated Products are:

  • Professional grade lights
  • Safe alternative to real candles
  • Trusted by event professionals everywhere
  • Approved by fire marshals
  • Long-lasting bright lights with No Heat and No Mess

At intelliFLAME, we take pride in our commitment to quality!


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