Balloon Garland Kit, Single Color, (Priced Per 3 Feet)

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Product is priced per foot. Must order a minimum of 3 feet. Purchase Only. 

Shipping Not Included. All rentals will be delivered 2+ days before your event. All items must be returned to your local UPS store 2 days after your event.

About The Product:
  • Balloon arch kit includes 5, 12" latex balloons per foot with materials and instructions needed to create a balloon garland. Kit does not include any pre-filled balloons or air tanks of any sort. Assembly required.
  • Colors selected will be divided up evenly over the length ordered.
  • Air filled balloons last up to 2 weeks depending on temperature and atmosphere conditions. Helium filled balloons last up to 10-12 hours depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions.
  • For more than 5ft of garland a helium tank or air compressor is recommended.
  • Balloons must be blown up to maximum size to create a 360 degree fullness effect per foot.


Purchase only.

Pricing & Checkout:
Boxes are priced individually. Must order a 10 box minimum. Purchase Only. Must have a combined order of $500 minimum spend in cart before you can check out.

Shipping Not Included. Must schedule order 2 weeks in advance to ensure timely delivery. Standard shipping is 5-7 business days

About The Product:
Illuminate your event decorations with the perfect pre-filled votives using our 2” unscented poured glass votive candles. These 2” glass candles use a white unscented wax, perfect for every occasion.​
Approx. 12-13 hrs. of burn time


Size: 2"x2.5" Candles


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