Stems in Bulk: Blue Hydrangea Jumbo Flower

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Blue Hydrangea Jumbo Flower is a creamy watercolor blue flower in our jumbo size, and will absolutely wow you. Made up of an abundance of smaller flowers to create the traditional globe bloom, this flower is densely packed and rich with color. Perfect for any event, this gorgeous bloom will add a waterfall of blue to a baby shower, ladies luncheon or color themed wedding. One of the many wonderful properties about hydrangea is that they're so versatile and easy to use; simply bunch a few of this giant flowers together and voila! you have a centerpiece or a bridal bouquet. You can also mix this blue hydrangea with other colors such as roses, peonies and orchids for a fluffy cloud arrangement. Beautifully blue, your guests will ask if this hydrangea is real or just their imagination.